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Here you will be able to access useful information and videos relating to the treatment of Hyperhidrosis using our iontophoresis machines.

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Common and frequently asked questions will be added to our FAQ page.

Dual Iontophoresis Treatment Advice


Dual treatments. You should only perform 1 x 20 minute session per day.

Multiple sessions can have a negative affect on response. This is because you treat one area, then move on to the next and undo the benefit of the first by migrating current from first treatment area to the second.

If you wish to treat both areas simultaneously then you can do this by placing both hands in one tray and both feet in the other and perform 1 x 20 minute session. Alternatively you can opt to purchase a Dual Treatment Set which provides all the extra equipment that is required. The downside of dual treatments is that the skin on the hands is thinner than the feet and so generally tolerates lower power levels than the feet require. Simultaneous treatments will limit the feet to what the hands can tolerate, often meaning longer treatment period for the feet to catch up.

Hidrex PSP1000 Iontophoresis machine Pulsed / Direct Current


There are two current types – pulsed and direct and the pulsed type has multiple settings. P100 = direct current with power applied 100% of the time. In direct current the pulse LED on left hand side of control panel will be off. When you switch to pulsed current, this LED illuminates and you can select different settings from P90 = power applied 90% of the time with a 10% break, to P50 = power applied 50% then breaks for 50%. Pulsed treatments give a milder sensation and are better suited for hands, underarms, sensitive skin etc, but due to the break in power, they are less efficient when compared to direct current treatments. If you perform a 20 minutes session in direct current, you get 20 minutes of voltage (or dosage). Switch to pulsed P50 and over the same 20 minutes session you actually only receive 10 minutes of dosage, so this is less efficient and will require more treatments overall to see the results.

The machine will deliver the maximum power it can considering the resistance in the circuit. Your body acts as resistor and there are many variables which will affect the amount of resistance your body offers. For example, body temp, moisture levels, BMI, skin type, skin thickness etc. As the skin dries the level of resistance changes and so this can be seen on the screen. You may set the machine to 40v but it meters the resistance and will supply maximum power it can safely provide based on the level of resistance. This is normal.

Axillae (Underarm) Iontophoresis Treatments

We recommend that underarm treatments are performed using pulsed current as this is a far more comfortable experience. Switching to pulsed current should enable you to increase the power which will help with overall results.

It is important to remain within comfortable levels at all times.

Reddening and mild irritation and or itching for 10-20 minutes after treatment is often reported and an expected response to the electrical stimulation.

Our  top ten recommendations:

  1. Switch to pulsed P90
  2. Increase power – but remain within comfortable levels
  3. If you cannot increase power, increase time to compensate. 2 x 10 minute sessions when in pulsed current is OK
  4. Ensure pads are soaking wet with warm water.
  5. Re-soak after first 10 minutes session
  6. Ensure skin is clean and clear of any topical products (deodorants, skin creams etc)
  7. Apply moderate pressure throughout to ensure good contact with skin
  8. Reduce underarm hair if present (hair is non-conductive)
  9. Perform daily sessions until dry
  10. Moisturise AFTER treatment to soothe skin.

Machine efficiency. Which machine type is best?

The core differences between the two types of current delivery centres around the efficiency of the machine and the sensitivity of the current. Pulsed current is milder and more sensitive on the skin. Direct current is more efficient.

If you don’t have sensitive skin or secondary skin conditions (such as eczema) then you may be fine with the cheaper GS (direct current) models of machines.

PS or pulsed current gives a milder treatment sensation at higher powers but pulsed current is less efficient in terms of treatment times. For example, direct current applies power to the treatment area 100% of the time, so a 20 minutes session will provide 20 minutes of dosage.

Pulsed current power is applied in an on / off pulsing cycle which on the Idromed machine is a 50% on / 50% off ratio so power is on for half the time of direct. This means a 20 minute session gives 10 minutes of actual dosage.

The Hidrex brand offers both pulsed and direct but the Hidrex PSP1000 is both pulsed and direct in one machine so can be switched to suit the patient / treatment area. You can also adjust the pulse cycle to enhance efficiency to 90% on / 10% off. This gives the patient the benefit of near direct current efficiency and pulsed current sensitivity.

Treatments of the torso

Some general advice regarding your treatment of the torso:

We recommend setting the machine to pulsed current. There are several different ‘strengths’ of pulsed current with P90 being the strongest and P50 the mildest. P100 = direct current. Set the machine to P90.

For treatment time we suggest a minimum time of 20 minutes per day but while treating the torso you may find it easier to split into 2 x 10 minutes session so that you can re-soak the electrode sponges and re-position the pads on the torso to treat a larger area.

The voltage level is patient specific and we recommend operating at the maximum comfortable level. On your first treatment start low, say 10volts and build up to your max comfortable level.

Soak the sponge covers in warm tap water. Set up your machine then apply electrodes to the body. You can hold them in place with a towel wrapped around the body. It is best to position one pad on the front and one on the back. Do not allow electrodes to be in close contact as this will shorten the circuit and prevent you getting any real current passing through the treatment area.

Perform sessions daily until result are seen. This can take 2-3 weeks so keep up with daily sessions. Once dry, you can stop treatments and then maintain periodically before sweating returns. If you allow sweating to return you will need to start back with daily session to regain control of sweating.

If you need any further help, please feel free to contact us.

Changes in power levels

It is also worth noting that as a patient dries, the amount of resistance offered by their body alters and this can be seen on the screen. All components in the circuit can affect current flow, skin wetness, skin thickness, body temperature, water temperature, water quality, patient hydration etc, etc. In basic terms, if a patient has very wet dermis, then resistance is low, currently flows easily and sometimes there is so little resistance the machine may not be able to deliver enough current to maintain a selected power level. On the other side, if resistance is too high then the machine cannot push the current through the body easily and with very high resistance the circuit will not close at all

Foot pre-set button – Hidrex PSP1000

There is no specific foot treatment setting on the machine. The top three LEDs on left hand side are memory recall points which for convenience are labelled with the most comment treatment areas hands, feet and axillae). These are simply memory storage points whereby you can set and store the preferred settings for each treatment area and can recall them for convenience. You can only switch between when the unit is in SET mode immediately after turning unit on.

A video on the pre-sets can be seen here: https://www.iontocentre.com/index.php/ic_eng_uk/support/video-support1.html

International Orders & Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee applies to all our customers, regardless of where you are located. It is not just a UK / EU offer.

The eight week guarantee on our Iontophoresis machines begins once the unit is delivered and not when you order so you do not need to worry that you will lose guarantee time while goods are in transit.

The only consideration international customers have to consider is the return shipping costs as these are the buyers responsibility. You may also have to consider that if you have paid import fees (Non EU customers) you will be able to claim these back from your local customs authority.

Wet or Dry skin. Does it make a difference? Hidrex PSP

The machine will still work regardless of whether the skin is dry or wet, except in exceptional cases where hands are very dry offering too much resistance and the over treatment protection system will prevent operation until the moisture levels in the skin return to safe levels for treatment to proceed. If you are still sweating at times and have only performed 3 sessions it is unlikely that the skin is too dry and over treatment is active.

 The machine ‘looks’ for upper and lower resistance levels. If the resistance is outside the expected parameters then the machine will not function for safety reasons (immersion monitoring and over treatment protection). If the dive light illuminates then the circuit is normal. When you have 20v on the display, then place your hands in water, the DIVE light should illuminate and the volts drop to 0 then rise to 20v automatically. Water quality can affect current flow so ensure the water used is not from a softened supply and warm tap water is better.

Iontophoresis machine rental service

Unfortunately a machine rental service is a prohibitively expensive service to administer so we do not currently offer it.

For hygiene reasons, each patient requires their own set of electrodes, treatment trays and towels. You would have to pay £85 for personal electrode kits, circa £60 per month rental and provide a security deposit in the region of £250 to cover the rental term.

Machines have to be re-certified at significant cost after each rental and the cost of underwriting the machines that never get returned is too high to make it viable.

For these reasons we feel machine rental is exploitative, expensive in the long term and represents very poor value for customers.

Our full money back guarantee is a far fairer method of providing equipment risk free.