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Here you will be able to access useful information and videos relating to the treatment of Hyperhidrosis using our iontophoresis machines.

If you require help or support we will be pleased to provide it. We can provide telephone, email, and even video responses to your questions or comments. We will not post any information regarding your identity, but most support questions will be added to this site to help others and to build a community that shares tips and experiences of treating Hyperhidrosis.

If you have a question please ask us initially via email or in the comments section below. You will need to request an account log in and password from us in order to post comments on this site. Please email or call us and we will set you up so you can respond, ask questions and post advice to other iontophoresis users.

Common and frequently asked questions will be added to our FAQ page.

Foot pre-set button – Hidrex PSP1000

There is no specific foot treatment setting on the machine. The top three LEDs on left hand side are memory recall points which for convenience are labelled with the most comment treatment areas hands, feet and axillae). These are simply memory storage points whereby you can set and store the preferred settings for each treatment area and can recall them for convenience. You can only switch between when the unit is in SET mode immediately after turning unit on.

A video on the pre-sets can be seen here: https://www.iontocentre.com/index.php/ic_eng_uk/support/video-support1.html

International Orders & Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee applies to all our customers, regardless of where you are located. It is not just a UK / EU offer.

The eight week guarantee on our Iontophoresis machines begins once the unit is delivered and not when you order so you do not need to worry that you will lose guarantee time while goods are in transit.

The only consideration international customers have to consider is the return shipping costs as these are the buyers responsibility. You may also have to consider that if you have paid import fees (Non EU customers) you will be able to claim these back from your local customs authority.

Wet or Dry skin. Does it make a difference? Hidrex PSP

The machine will still work regardless of whether the skin is dry or wet, except in exceptional cases where hands are very dry offering too much resistance and the over treatment protection system will prevent operation until the moisture levels in the skin return to safe levels for treatment to proceed. If you are still sweating at times and have only performed 3 sessions it is unlikely that the skin is too dry and over treatment is active.

 The machine ‘looks’ for upper and lower resistance levels. If the resistance is outside the expected parameters then the machine will not function for safety reasons (immersion monitoring and over treatment protection). If the dive light illuminates then the circuit is normal. When you have 20v on the display, then place your hands in water, the DIVE light should illuminate and the volts drop to 0 then rise to 20v automatically. Water quality can affect current flow so ensure the water used is not from a softened supply and warm tap water is better.

Iontophoresis machine rental service

Unfortunately a machine rental service is a prohibitively expensive service to administer so we do not currently offer it.

For hygiene reasons, each patient requires their own set of electrodes, treatment trays and towels. You would have to pay £85 for personal electrode kits, circa £60 per month rental and provide a security deposit in the region of £250 to cover the rental term.

Machines have to be re-certified at significant cost after each rental and the cost of underwriting the machines that never get returned is too high to make it viable.

For these reasons we feel machine rental is exploitative, expensive in the long term and represents very poor value for customers.

Our full money back guarantee is a far fairer method of providing equipment risk free.

Best machine for a child with Hyperhidrosis?

The best suited machine for your 7 year old daughter would be the Hidrex PSP1000. This unit is both direct and pulsed current and also uniquely benefits from having adjustable pulsed current strengths. Essentially this meand the machines power delivery can be adjusted up or down to suit each patients tolerance levels.

Direct current applies power 100% (direct current is shown on the display as P100) of the treatment time, and for normal skin types in non-sensitive areas such as the feet, this delivery method is perfect as it has the power and efficiency to give good results. The issue can be that direct current can be uncomfortable or even intolerable at moderate to high power, especially on younger users, sensitive skins or prone areas such as hands and underarms.

This is where Pulsed current comes in to its own (pulsed currents have P numbers that range from mildest P50 up to P90 the strongest pulsed setting). It basically is a mild or sensitive method of current delivery. The patient does not ‘feel’ the current in the same intensity as with direct current which allows you to operate at adequate power levels without discomfort.

P100 = 100% power, so over a 20 minute session the patients receives 20 minutes dosage.

P50 = 50% power, so over the same 20 minutes session the patient receives only 10 minutes dosage.

This can mean that overall treatment times will be longer, or the results could be less significant, however the Hidrex PSP1000 uniquely has the ability to adjust the pulsed strength in 10% increments to very near direct current efficiency.

P90 = 90% power, so over a 20 minutes session the dosage is 18 minutes but the sensation is still mild, but efficiency is vastly improved giving faster results and better responses.

Electrode cleaning and hard water

Hard water is good for iontophoresis and electrodes will discolour from first use. This is merely a cosmetic issues so nothing to worry about.

Scale can build over time and restrict current flow (increases the resistance in the circuit) and so electrodes will require periodic replacement (years not months). Clean by soaking in vinegar / water solution for 30 minutes every now and then (not too often – perhaps every 6 months or so).

Is 25 volts OK for my hands?

25v is fine so long as this is comfortable. You don’t have to ‘feel’ the current for it to be working but the basic principle of iontophoresis, is that you want to pass the highest comfortable level of voltage into the treatment area for the 20 minute daily session. Once dry you can perform top up 20 minutes session to maintain the result.

Idromed Circuit Closing / High Resistance resolution


If you are encountering connectivity issues with the Idromed 5PS (or less commonly the GS) then please read the below advice.

If resistance in the circuit is too high, the machine may not be able to close the circuit to pass the current through the body.

There can be many internal and external factors that can alter the level of resistance in a given circuit. During Iontophoresis, the circuit is made up of the control panel, cables, electrode plates and tap water. The final section of the circuit is your body. Our bodies conduct electricity and so when we place hands or feet in the water trays, we close the circuit allowing the voltage to pass through the body creating and electrical current.

All electrical circuits create resistance. Resistance can be increased or decreased. For example, well hydrated bodies, warm water and soft skin lower resistance and make it easier for the voltage to pass through the circuit. Cold water, hard skin, drinking excess coffee and citrus drinks etc can all increase resistance making the circuit harder to close

Circuit closure issues normally occur on the feet. This is due to the skin being much thicker on the feet and the distance the current has to travel along the limbs, much further than for example when treating the hands.

If you are struggling to close the circuit please try the following:

Use warm tap water

Soak Hands / feet before use in warm water

Drink plenty of water over the course of the treatment

Ensure adequate water depth in trays.

Keep skin supple by moisturising after treatment

Avoid excesses of coffee and citrus fruit drinks

You can also shorten the circuit by jumping across the water trays as indicated in the pictures below. Once the circuit closes and current begins to flow you should be able to

shorten-idromed shorten-idromed-2

General Advice – Idromed 5PS treatment regime

If you do not ‘break-over’ the sweating before you pause treatments you may not see the full result. In the initial treatment stage, you should continue with daily treatments until sweating stops, then switch to maintenance mode and perform treatments as required to maintain the original response.

If you do not reach dryness and cut down before, then you may never reach full results. Also, if you lapse and do not keep up with maintenance sweating will return to pre-treatment levels and you will have to start with daily sessions again to once more break-over the sweating.

You should not need to perform regular treatments. Every week or two is enough for most patients. Iontophoresis is a dynamic treatment and not everyone responds in the same way – you may have to adjust parameters to see full benefit.

Concentrate on one treatment area (for example the hands) perform daily session until sweating stops then monitor skin for signs of clamminess. As soon as this occurs, perform a top up treatment to maintain. While in a maintenance pattern with hands, move to daily sessions on the feet until dryness is achieved.

Is a Direct Current machine suitable for a child?

Any of the machines sold on our website can be used for all treatment areas, however we tend to recommend the GS400 / Idromed 5GS for the feet only. Also, as these machines are direct current only devices, we normally only suggest it for adult users.

This is because pulsed current machines provide ‘sensitive’ current delivery which is much better suited for the thinner skin on hands, (particularly around the finger tips and webs), underarms, torso etc, and is recommended for younger users.

The on/off pulsing action is not detected by pain receptors in the same way as constant direct current so some patients experience discomfort undergoing the treatment in direct current mode.

That said, if you son / daughter has had treatment on a direct current machine and has responded without discomfort then the is no reason to opt for the more advanced and expensive pulsed current Hidrex PSP1000 or Idromed 5 PS.

Both the GS400 and PSP1000 and for that matter the Idromed 5 GS and 5 PS, are supplied with everything needed to treat hands and or feet as standard and all Hidrex and Idromed machines have an 8 week money back guarantee. If it is not suitable or results not satisfactory you may return for a refund.

Power levels should always be within comfortable levels and this varies from patient to patient. There is no set level you have to reach. The basic requirement is to pass the maximum comfortable level of dosage into the treatment area for the duration of the treatment.